Game of Thrones beer is almost here

There’s an old proverb about how a tree that grows fast grows weak, but a tree that grows slowly grows strong. In the case of Game of Thrones, the show’s following has been steadily growing stronger and stronger, and the third season debut on March 31 should take things to an even greater level than ever. 

It’s a good thing that Thrones has grown steadily instead of exploding straight out of the gate, and there’s signs everywhere that it’s growing bigger all the time. We recently reported on TG about a tour Game of Thrones event that takes the show on the road like a medieval lollapalooza, and it will also have a virtual reality recreation of the famous Battle of Blackwater Bay. 

Another sign that Game of Thrones is really becoming a phenomenon is that it has its own brand of beer. We reported on this a while back on TG as well, and now the day has almost arrived that you can buy your own Thrones brew.

According to, the beer launched at the SXSW festival, and tit also has what’s been described as a “complex” taste. After all, you didn’t expect a beer based on the show to be just a Budweiser clone, did you? 

As Jim Galligan writes, the Iron Throne blend has “an earthy Belgian funk and bright citrus from the lemon all battling for your attention, while a sweet thread of honeyed caramel keeps it all from spiraling into anarchy.” 

Esquire’s report asked, “Should I Be Drinking This?,” and Paul Schrodt writes, “There’s just no getting around the fact that dinking a beer tied to the show while you watch it is pretty nerdy. But then again, Iron Throne is delicious, and this is Game of Thrones after all. If you’re going to drink something, it might as well be this.”

You’d think this would be part of the idea: Get the beer, and enjoy it while watching the third season premiere. The fact that the beer is reportedly good instead of some tossed off merchandising cash in is pretty cool too, because the powers that be are exercising some quality control in what reflects the show. 

The Iron Throne beer goes on sale the same day Game of Thrones returns on March 31. So for the Game fans who drink, get yourself some Iron Throne and raise your glasses high to celebrate Game’s long awaited return this month.