Spymaster Orcasub is the perfect escape vehicle for your villainous oceanfront lair

Underwater exploration is very intriguing since it’s one of the few places left on earth where true discoveries can still be made.

There are number of underwater diving vehicles on the market, but most of them are rather boring looking and resemble bathtub toys made for toddlers or upside down pontoon boats. Fortunately, a company called Spymasters recently unveiled a slick submarine that looks more like an underwater fighter jet.

The submarine is called the Spymaster Orcasub and it’s capable of diving as far as 2000 feet under the surface of the ocean. The submarine – designed to carry two passengers – weighs four tons and is 22 feet long. Each of the occupants is encased in their own 360° domes providing life support. That means that the occupants don’t have to wear scuba gear inside the submarine.

According to the specifications, the submarine is good for up to 80 hours of life support per occupant. Power for the submarine is generated by a battery pack and the pilot uses a pair of foot pedals and a joystick to control the craft. The control surfaces and controls are very much like those of an aircraft because the underwater vessel uses same aerodynamic principles.

The submarine is packed with technology including sonar to help avoid collisions, a digital long-range communication system, and a LED lighting system producing 60,000 lm of light. If you’re wondering why the submarine looks so small in the image above, it’s because that is a scale model.

You can order the full-size deal, assuming you’re very well-to-do. The standard version of the Orcasub will cost you $2 million. If you want to dive deeper a version capable of diving to 6000 feet below the surface is available for $9.32 million.