First Word on Man of Steel

Although Christopher Nolan didn’t direct Man of Steel, the upcoming Superman reboot, he is involved as a producer, which means the film should have some definite Nolan trademarks.

And the combination of Nolan and director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) could be a very interesting matchup for sure.

While we’re still a ways away from Steel’s June 14 release date, according to Collider, several people have already seen the film on the Warner Brothers lot. Now mind you, you should often take these reports with a grain of salt because who knows if the major studios are stacking the deck by posting their own reviews, or if the geek sites are only reporting the good notices. That said, so far it looks like the early verdict on Man of Steel is as follows…

According to the sites Collider and JoBlo, early reaction to the film is “highly positive.” The person who saw the film is “a scooper” that JoBlo says “we know and trust 100%.” One thing that we’re not so sure about already is this spy’s proclamation that Steel is “the best movie of the year,” but we all know the geeks aren’t big on understatement.

What else does this source feel about Steel? “Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects / action,” he wrote. So already the Nolan / Snyder mix could make some interesting chemistry. There’s also “TONS of action,” and another interesting surprise is Superman’s cape is mostly CGI.

In addition, this source says the movie is complete except for the 3D conversion, and thankfully “it’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.” Good, because a superhero movie that takes itself too seriously can really be a problem. As Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer have pointed out, Superman and the Dark Knight are completely different stories, and Steel won’t be a dark take on the Superman legend.

So could these early reports be true and Man of Steel could indeed be a hell of a movie? Who knows for certain right now. We’ll all know on June 14 for certain, but if this report is even half true, it’s certainly very promising, to say the least.