$80 Leap Motion Controller hits shelves in May

The Leap Motion Controller can best be described as a device that allows users to interact with a Mac or PC via gesture-based controls by simply waving their hands in the air.

Leap Motion has been showcased multiple times at various venues in recent months, with the company now confirming the device will be officially available on May 13 (online) for $80  and on May 19 in Best Buy.

As noted above, Leap Motion allows users to interact with their games and apps. Indeed, the Controller is capable of tracking gestures as small as as 1/100th of a millimeter at 290 frames per second.

“In other words, you can pinch your fingers together or make slight movements and the Leap Motion system will pick them up,” explained Liliputing’s Brad Linder. “It can track 10 fingers at a time.”

The Leap Motion Controller is going live with a number of apps at launch, including Autodesk, Corel Painter and Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph game.

Additional third-party software will also be available at Leap Motion’s official app store.