Game of Thrones hits the road

Game of Thrones is still ruling TV, and it’s sure to have a huge return when it’s back on March 31, 2013.

The show has really grown from word of mouth, and has continued to grow steadily. But what if you just can’t get enough of it, even with Season Two coming out on February 19, and Season Three debuting at the end of next month?

As it turns out, Game of Thrones is hitting the road, and it will be touring in five countries. Actually, we should say the costumes and props will be hitting the road, and seeing them in person could be like viewing pieces of history in a museum. In fact, as we’ve reported here on TG, there’s been quite a lot of interest in the props of Thrones, which are very well crafted and researched.

As the L.A. Times confirms, the Game of Thrones exhibition will be headed to Toronto, New York, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Amsterdam, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. As the Times points out, the show is primarily shot at Paint Hall Studios, which is located in Belfast. These days, you can buy a Thrones sword replica for the home, and even a full-blown throne for $30,000 directly from HBO, so what can you see at this exhibit that you can’t order off the ‘Net?

This expo is being supervised by Michele Clapton, who is the costume designer for Thrones, and the items you can see in person are the actual main iron throne from the show, King Joffrey’s crossbow, the swords named Ice and Longclaw, crowns and armor from the show, and more.

And just because this is a medieval show, don’t think there won’t be modern technology. There’s going to be an interactive recreation of the Battle of Blackwater Bay, a legendary fight that took place in season two. 

Craveonline tells us that this event is free, but you do need to order tickets to get in, and they’ll be available by the time you read this on February 21. No word yet if this tour will do more dates, though it wouldn’t surprise us if more appearances are indeed announced, especially when the show comes back at the end of March, which is sure to be a huge television event. 

As the Canadian edition of the Huffington Post tells us, there was also a Game of Thrones exhibition last year, which sold-out, and over 25,000 fans attended. So it looks like Game of Thrones is about to explode again, and it should be back bigger than ever with the return of the show on March 31, and the exhibition making its way around the world. Stay tuned for further developments, you know we at TG will be all over as it happens.