Comic-Con 2013 sells out fast

You know Comic-Con is always a big deal, especially in the world of fandom because it’s geek ground zero.

No matter who’s appearing, the fans will converge on San Diego in droves, and even without knowing who’s showing up, even with a cyber glitch that screwed things up for those trying to purchase their badges, the news has come in that Comic-Con has already sold out, and fast.

How fast? Collider confirms ninety minutes. Badges went on sale the morning of February 16, 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time, and after a little over an hour and a half, the event was completely sold out. We’re not surprised by this for the reasons mentioned above, and with over 100,00 people will attend Comic-Con, that’s a lot of badges to sell that quickly. 

As Deadline informs us, the badges actually sold out in 93 minutes, “barely shy of the record set in 2012.” At 9:53 a.m., less than an hour in, the 4-day badges, and 4-day badges with access to preview night were all gone, and fifteen minutes later, the Friday and Saturday single day badges were also gone with the wind.

Yet the site also reports that fans are not happy because of system glitches “that plagued the convention’s complicated badge sales system for the second year in a row.”

This included server errors, and sites crashing, which sent many geeks complaining all over the net and twittersphere. In all fairness, even if the system was set up perfectly, there’s bound to be crashing problems and screw ups no matter what. (Murphy’ Law has always been that if something can go wrong it will, and with modern technology, the odds of things going wrong increase even more.) 

So if you got your badge for Comic-Con this year, which begins on July 18 and ends on July 21, congratulations. You were able to overcome some pretty steep obstacles to be one of the chosen few to obtain a sacred laminate.

It should be enormous fun this year, as it usually is, and it’s great to see that the one place where all us geeks can congregate and celebrate is going stronger than ever.