Firefly is back – as a board game

Don’t you just love a misleading story? You think something amazing is happening, then once you get past the headline, you learn the truth and are seriously deflated. 

Hey, we’d love to be the first to officially tell you Firefly is back, maybe some day we will actually be able to report that wonderful news. Yet we can tell you Firefly is back as a board game, and it looks like great fun to play. 

According to GiantFreakinRobot, Firefly the Game was created by Gale Force Nine, and the tagline on the cover says: “Find a Crew. Find a Job. Keep Flying.” The game – scheduled to hit shelves this Fall – is “the first in a series of tabletop hobby and miniature board games from GF9 set in the Firefly universe.”

So not only is a Firefly game finally landing, but there will be more games to come after this. How cool is that? Plus it’s nice to see board games are still cool in an ultra tech world. Even if they weren’t, there’s still plenty of browncoats out there that would buy this game and play it no matter what. 

This game is for four players,as CEO of GF9, John Kovaleski, notes “With challenging gameplay, fantastic production values and compelling narrative, you and your fellow captains will want to head out into the big black again and again.”

You’ll be able to follow the game’s development on Facebook, and Gale Force Nine absolutely wants to hear from you, the Firefly fans, so they know they’re headed in the right direction with everything.

As it says on the GF9 website, this game “is absolutely going to be looking for feedback from a wider audience as we get into the meat of the game design…we plan to explain this plan and how it will work in a few weeks…We definitely want to make sure Firefly lives up to the highest of expectations.”

So while the show Firefly won’t be back any time soon, there will soon be a very cool board game you can play and enjoy. There’s a lot of Firefly synergy going on out there, and who knows if it could all create a critical mass and help bring the franchise back. So keep supporting Firefly, and maybe all the fan love will let the universe know the show needs to be resurrected out the big black again.