Back to the Future DeLorean restoration is complete

Loyal TG readers know we’re big fans of Back to the Future, and we were very excited to report last year that the famous DeLorean time machine was in the process of being restored.

The project was undertaken by a group of fans who call themselves the Time Machine Restoration Team, and this special project was also overseen by Future screenwriter Bob Gale.

The Restoration Team has been taking apart, cleaning up, and piecing back the original since last year. As we previously reported on TG, even on the vintage car circuit DeLoreans parts are not easy to find these days, but now the news has come in that the Restoration is indeed complete. In fact, on the official Restoration Facebook page, the announcement was made on February 6 that the job was done, complete with a picture of the team celebrating with a bottle of champagne. 

Also on the Facebook page, Gale released a statement which reads, in part, “Take it from me, the vehicle has NEVER looked this good, not even on the first day it rolled out of [special effects supervisor] Kevin Pike’s shop. To say that the restored DeLorean A-car is totally awesome is a major understatement.”

As to when the car will finally be unveiled to the public, there’s no exact date yet, but it should be practically any day now from what we’ve been able to gather. As the Facebook page tells us, “We’ve been FLOODED with requests to know when the car is going on display. We PROMISE we’ll announce it here as soon as we know.” It also looks like it will be unveiled at Universal Studios in Hollywood when the time is right. 

Restoring historic movie props like this is truly a labor of love, and it shows how much people still love Back to the Future to this day. We’re looking forward to seeing how incredible it the car looks these days, especially considering it’s been restored under the protective eye of the fans, which gives this project a very special touch.

Stay tuned for when the car is finally unveiled, but we’ll definitely take Bob Gale’s word for it that the car has never looked better. We’re willing to bet the love and care from the fans has a lot to do with that.