Old School genre toys return

How many of us wish we still had our old Star Wars toys, especially when we found out how much we could sell them for today?

The Star Wars figures were a big part of our childhoods, which is why many of us go back and buy our favorite toys and comic books when we’re older, even though they cost a hell of a lot more today. 

Star Wars revolutionized movie merchandising, although not every toy deal was a big success.

We recently ran a story on TG about one big movie tie-in, Alien, that didn’t take off because it was too scary for kids. If you have one of the Kenner Alien dolls, it’s probably quite a collector’s item today, but now Rue Morgue tells us the Alien doll is coming back.

These days, toys are not just for kids, and you make a scary Alien doll that adults will enjoy and collect. Indeed, a company called Super7 is making Alien toys that will be “retro-styled, 3 ¾-inch action figures” which will be based off the original Kenner toys. As Morgue continues, “A nice touch is that the figures will come packaged on retro-styled blister cards featuring 1979 Kenner artwork.”

Since so many of us missed the Alien toys the first time around, this should be a pretty fun toy to buy and collect, especially if you love Ridley Scott’s terrifying sci-fi / horror classic. 

On a completely different toy tangent, Collider tells us that the company NECA has added the sixties Adam West Batman toy, which took a while to clear legally, years actually.

While the lawyers haven’t been able to clear the way for the TV show to come to DVD and Blu-Ray, there’s still a rights battle between Warners, who own the character, and Fox, who own the show, you can get a very realistic 60’s Batman doll, which should make a fun memento for all us old school Bat fans. 

The Adam West Batman doll is now available for pre-order, on Toywiz you can pick one up for $84.99, and it’s scheduled to ship in May.