Best of Both Worlds (Trek) trailer shoots the cube

I have many fond memories of Star Trek the Next Generation, which was on the air through my pre-teen years.

I remember sitting down on Friday nights to watch with my father and sisters, I remember the frustration when I would realized that an episode was a rerun (I could never tell from the brief TV Guide description), but, most memorable is the tension of the two-part season-bridging episodes. Each season saw a cliffhanger episode which would be divided between the season finale of one year and the premiere of the next, leaving audiences in suspense for the entire summer.

Two such episodes are particularly dear to me, as I remember them causing me genuine worry durring the three month intermission. Through the whole break, I would keep thinking back to the cliffhanger and wonder how it would be resolved, knowing, even then, that it would always be resolved, but wanting to know how and at what expense. Both of these memorable episodes involved the Borg. One is Descent, which placed my favorite character in a perilous conflict against his own brother. The other is The Best of Both Worlds, which sees the entire crew pitted against a maliciously manipulated Captain Picard (a.k.a.: Locutus of Borg).

Thus, I’m very excited that Paramount is putting The Best of Both Worlds on Blu-ray. They’ve released this high-resolution trailer with the particulars:

This is part of Paramount’s project to bring all of Star Trek the Next Generation to Blu-ray in remastered high-definition. Every episode is restored from the original camera negative into 1080p HD. The two episodes that make up The Best of Both Worlds have been reedited into a singe 85 minute feature.

The synopsis is thus:

How do you stop an unstoppable foe? The Enterprise team discovers the devastated remains of a Federation colony as an ambitious young officer joins the crew to confirm the presence of the deadly Borg. Soon after, Borg drones abduct Captain Picard, mutilating him horribly as they assimilate him into their collective. Commander Riker must take over as Enterprise captain as Steerfleet braces for an all-out battle to defend Earth. But the Borg’s power proves overwhelming, and resistance is futile. Will Riker be forced to destroy his former captain to save Earth and the Federation?

The Best of Both Worlds Blu-ray will hit shelves on April 30, 2013. You can preorder the title from Amazon.