This digital pen corrects spelling and grammar

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we don’t need to keep running to the dictionary whenever we write something.

Spell check keeps us in check on most words, as well as proper grammar and odd sentence fragments. But what if you still like to write longhand, like I do, before actually typing it out?

Well, GiantFreakinRobot recently reported, there’s now a digital pen that catches your mistakes, and it’s called Lernstift. That name should have been spell checked actually, but anyways, this is a ball-point pen, and was created by Falk and Many Wolsky, an inventor, and an education specialist respectively. 

The Wolskys invented this pen because their son was having problems learning, and how it works is the pen recognizes the movements you make when writing. The pen vibrates when you make a mistake, and it vibrates twice for spelling and grammar screw-ups. This pen also works with Wi-Fi, and it can send your writing to your computer and transcribe it out, which is definitely cool. (Saves you the extra step of typing it out).

This pen will be out in August, and as writer Nick Venable jokes, “If it helps a couple of knuckleheads finally figure out ‘they’re/there/ their,’ then I’ll buy half of my Facebook friends one as a present.” In fact, there’s a music site I go to often where the commentators could really use a ton of these pens. 

Of course, no matter how careful we are, mistakes do go through. (Thankfully there’s so many people on the internet who are more than happy to point out when we makes these mistakes so we can correct them).Then again, mistakes are what makes us human, but whatever new technologies that can help us screw up less come along, we’re certainly all for it.