The return of The Walking Dead

 If you’re tired of zombies, too bad. They’re back, and they’re bigger than ever, thanks to the Walking Dead.

The third season debut of Dead made cable history, and audiences are back for the second half of season 3. 


There’s been a lot going on in the world of the Walking Dead, and like with any great horror film, the big question is who will survive? Like George Romero once said about his zombie flicks, a lot of times it’s not so much about the undead, but how the living deal with them, and this has also been the case on Walking Dead. 

As David Massey (The Governor) told the Huffington Post, “You can adapt to the zombie threat, and that’s part of what Woodbury is about. But the new problem that has emerged in Season 3 is human beings. What you have now is two communities of humans in conflict. That’s much more complicated.” 

Of course, Glen Mazzara, the former show runner, won’t give away who will survive the show, and who will end up zombie food, but he did tell the New York Times, “I do think you’ll see a satisfying ending to this chapter of Rick’s story.” He also agreed with the concept of humanity having to struggle with the threat of the living dead. 

“How do we retain our humanity under such dire circumstances? You have these people being forced with choices that make them act in an inhumane way to the people they’re at war with. Is survival worth it if it costs you your humanity?”

When asked if this season will end with another cliffhanger, like the mid-season finale did, Mazzara told The Wrap, “The season finale will set up season 4, but there’ll be a satisfying end to this season. I don’t think it’s fair to fans to leave too much of a cliffhanger…We’re going to look for some time of resolution that satisfies viewers at the end of the 16-episode run but also leaves questions so people are excited to come back for season 4.” 

Recently series producer Gale Anne Hurd told Deadline there’s no plans at the moment for a Walking Dead movie, but why should they make a movie? There’s more freedom on cable, and it gives Dead a much longer story arc to deliver much more depth. Even if you’re sick of the whole zombie thing by now, if The Walking Dead can still deliver, let the undead continue crawling.