Is the Justice League movie already in trouble?

With the massive success of The Avengers, which made about a quadrillion dollars, superhero teams are the hot thing right now.

A Justice League movie had been in the works for years at Warner Brothers, and thanks to The Avengers, it was pulled out of development hell at the studio. Yet it’s very hard to get any movie to the big screen, and reports are coming in that Justice League may have already hit some speed bumps.

It’s been reported that whether Justice League goes forward or not depends on how Man of Steel does in June.

Yet Collider and Cinema Blend have also reported that the first script for Justice League has been tossed out the window. The screenplay for Justice League was written by Will Beal (Gangster Squad), and according to Blend and Badass Digest, the script is reportedly “terrible.”

The studio may start over from scratch, which is often what big studios do with big event movies: pay tons of money for script after script after script. Blend also points out that there’s currently no director attached to the project, and we’ve noticed there’s no stars confirmed either. You’d figure you’d need all those elements in place before you launch the film, and it doesn’t look likely they’ll be able to get things up and running fast enough to make a 2015 release date. 

According to Collider, Darkseid is supposed to be the villain in Justice League, and the main five heroes are slated as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. While Whedon pulled off The Avengers well, something like Justice League needs to be done just right, or it’s going to come across as silly, like a bad episode of Super Friends. 

2015 should be a remarkable year for genre films with the JJ Abrams directed Star Wars, and The Avengers 2. Perhaps Justice League will be joining the party too, but right now it’s apparently got a ways to go before it’s in fighting shape and can go up against the other heavy weights of blockbuster season.