Godzilla meets Breaking Bad

No, Godzilla’s not becoming a meth head, that’s not what makes him breathe fire, but as the reboot of Godzilla comes together, the main man of Breaking Bad may be battling an even bigger foe than speed.

Yes, Bryan Cranston is up for a role in the new model Godzilla, and so is Elizabeth Olsen.

This will make an interesting transition for Cranston, because Breaking Bad is on its last season, and Godzilla will be another big movie for him to be a part of. Cranston also has roles in Argo, the Total Recall remake, and Rock of Ages. No word yet on what kind of role he’s playing, but he won’t be starring, Aaron Johnson (Kick Ass) is. 

At the same time, Cranston could bring some cool ambiguity to Godzilla. Will he play a good guy? A bad guy? A good guy with bad qualities? We have no idea at the moment, but we doubt he’ll be dull. It’s also interesting to note that Olsen’s going to have another genre flick on her resume, Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy. 

The only other thing we know at the moment is there should be more than one monster in Godzilla, in fact there may be “at least two” according to Collider, and The Hollywood Reporter told us, it should have “plenty of monsters.” This wasn’t done in the last American attempt at Godzilla, but in the Japanese films he’s battled plenty of other creatures, especially when Godzilla became a good guy and was defending Japan.

Although many consider Destroy All Monsters to be the ultimate creature clash (it not only the big G but Mothra, Rodan and Godzilla’s son Minya), but my personal favorite is Godzilla Vs. the Smog Monster, where he battles a sludgy creature born of pollution. This one came in the early 70’s and it even has hippies and a weird acid trip in a psychedelic rock club.

Of course, this reboot’s going to be much more serious, and Godzilla begins shooting in March for a May 16, 2014 release date.