Futurama teaser could be the monster

Comedy Central has posted a teaser for the upcoming season of its animated sci-fi sitcom.

When Futurama returned to television (on Comedy Central instead of Fox), the show had somewhat of a slow start, and took a bit of effort to rebuild the comedic momentum it lost when it failed to be renewed ten years ago.

The most recent season, however was the best yet, seeing the characters return to the comedic roles they filled previously, and bringing the writing quality back up to par with the original run.

While the season had its low points, like the disappointing finale episode, Naturama, it was fantastic on the whole, returning to formulas and themes that make Futurama great. The episodes Near-Death Wish and 31st Century Fox were especially noteworthy.

The 2013 season (either season 10 or the second half of season 7, depending on how you count) of Futurama begins this summer, and to get us ready, Comedy Central and 30th Century Television have released this gag teaser with about three minutes worth of jokes from upcoming episodes:

There are a lot of clips to take in here, some one-shots, and some lengthy set-ups, but clearly the bold humor of of the series is not in danger. Many topics will be lampooned, and the characters will suffer plenty of horrible fates.

The show itself is in no danger either, in case you were worried. Futurama delivers solid ratings for the cable network with each episode, then again in late-night encores.

The first episode back is titled Forty Percent Leadbelly. No exact dates have been released for the new episodes of Futurama. Last year the twelve episode run carried from June thru August, so I’d expect a similar schedule this year.