Video: DayZ devs showcase loot spawning system

DayZ developers have posted a video showcasing a number of features from the upcoming standalone zombie killing video game.

While I’m sure most gamers out there looking forward to DayZ are mostly thinking about killing walkers, it is probably worthwhile to note that the game is set to offer a more comprehensive experience than just eliminating zombies.

Indeed, DayZ is also slated to have very robust system of loot hunting and scavenging for food, clothing, weapons, and ammo – all of which are quite important, especially considering that this is a zombie horror survival game.

One of the more interesting parts of the above-mentioned system is that the clothes have more to do with the game than simply changing the style of your avatar. The developers point out the different pieces of clothing will offer a different number of slots, or pockets for carrying other items.

Another interesting aspect of the game covered in the video dev blog is the loot spawning system. Basically, when the server map spawns loot, items will appear in a number of locations, including behind or under other items such as tables or TVs.

Meaning, while a person who came to the same building before you may have looted all the obvious goods, there could still be things you need hidden in the environment. The scavenging system certainly makes it much more realistic, while allowing players to spend a significant amount of time searching for loot – if that’s what they enjoy doing.

Sadly, there is no indication or hint of when exactly the game will go live. It was originally expected last year, and then delayed to allow more time for development.