Video: Project S.E.R.A. is infected with zombies

Sometimes low-budget short films and web series projects are bizarre and make little sense to me. One such example is the short film Voice Over which we discussed a few days ago.

However, a new web series dubbed Project S.E.R.A. recently surfaced online. The production is of exceptionally hight quality, and I can even see this project ultimately adopted by a network like SyFy in the not-too-distant future.

The first three episodes of the web series are currently available online, and they range from roughly 7-10 minutes each. It’s easy to carve that much time out of your busy day to check these out. Why would you want to check them out? Not only is the series science fiction-based, but it also has zombies, thereby combining two favorite geek genres.

The premise of the series? A woman named Gillian Eames and her father General Dennis Keiffer are working together on a project that involves the use of experimental drugs to help injured soldiers recover more quickly. As you might guess, it turns out that the serum the duo created actually turns soldiers into flesh eating zombies.

Gillian and her cohort, Lieutenant Riggins, now have to stop the serum from being sold as a weapon to to stabilize populations. After watching the first couple of episodes, I can absolutely say that I wish this was a longer format project. I would love to see a weekly television series or even a big-budget film based on this. Rather than being a zombie blasting action flick, this is more of a science fiction mystery as the characters try to unravel the mystery surrounding the project. You can check out the first three episodes above and be on the lookout for new episodes hitting YouTube.