Making room for Wonder Woman on the CW

We’ve spent a lot of time on TG lamenting the tragedy of Wonder Woman, specifically the fact that it’s been extremely difficult to resurrect her in either TV or movies.

As to why this is, we still can’t figure it out. She’s one of the most iconic superheroes there is, and it’s a perfect role for a sexy, young Hollywood ingénue. (Like a guy taking on Superman, it must also feel amazing for a woman to try on the costume).

But now there’s movement on the show, because The Hollywood Reporter confirms the CW is making room in its schedule for Amazon, which is the name of the show. This is an origin story for Wonder Woman, and Amazon could be on the air as early as this fall of midseason. If it doesn’t make it that early, it should be on the CW next year. 

The Reporter alos notes the first pass at a script needed work, so it went back to the drawing board. The CW has eight pilots ready to go, and they’re keeping room open for Amazon. The president of the CW said they’re “busy casting Diana,” and if you don’t know the legend of Wonder Woman, she also goes by the name of Diana of Themyscira.

Superhero mania is still incredibly strong with the incredible success of The Avengers, and it should continue to stay strong for at least the next few years. The time is right for a Wonder Woman reboot, and David E. Kelley, who worked on the last incarnation of the character that didn’t make it, has said, “I do believe in the potential of the series…I think it could be a great success.”

It took a while to get the reboot of the Hulk right, three movies actually, but once Joss Whedon did him justice in The Avengers, he was finally back in a big way as part of a great ensemble. It’s too bad Joss Whedon couldn’t bring Wonder Woman to life as a film at Warner Brothers, but maybe Amazon will finally be her long overdue resurrection.