Second Revolution webisode is here

The JJ Abrams helmed Revolution was the big surprise hit of 2012, and its ratings have remained relatively steady since its debut last September.

As we’ve previously discussed on TG Daily, the show’s going to be on hiatus until March 25, which isn’t forever, but it is quite a chunk of time to be away from the airwaves.

In the meantime, NBC is teasing the new season with is a six-part, animated webisodes planned, with one installment a week posted on, Hulu, YouTube and various VOD services. 

The first webisode debuted last week, and now the second episode is here. In this short, we see the letters of Sergeant Wheatley (Reed Diamond), a member of the Monroe Militia who placed himself undercover amongst the rebels and led them into a network of airless tunnels where the group started hallucinating.

Of course, an animated web series isn’t exactly a new concept, as we saw much the strategy employed for the reimagined Battlestar Galactica (BSG).

Plus, there’s already a Star Trek graphic novel preview to keep fans satisfied until the next movie hits theaters in May, and Pacific Rim will also have a preview graphic novel that will take you into the world and folklore of the story before you see it in July.

Animated webisodes seem like a fairly smart idea to help fill in the gaps until Revolution comes back, but we don’t think the show’s fan base will forget about it anytime soon.