Arma Tactics targets Nvidia’s Project Shield

One of the most important announcements of CES 2013 was probably made by Nvidia when the company introduced its Project Shield game console. 

Indeed, the portable device promises the ability to stream video games from a standard x86 PC, as well as play Android games and access apps like Netflix. 

Project Shield is powered by Nvidia’s flagship Tegra 4 SoC and features WiFi connectivity, HD video streaming and a five-inch 1280 x 720 HD resolution display.

“We were inspired by a vision that the rise of mobile and cloud technologies will free us from our boxes, letting us game anywhere, on any screen,” Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said during a January keynote speech in Las Vegas.

At least one major game developer – Bohemia Interactive – is working on a new title for Project Shield known as Arma Tactics, which is described as a turn-based strategy game in which players to control a four-member special forces squad.

Players can work through both story-driven and randomly generated missions, all while taking a direct approach using weapons and force to achieve goals, or adopting a stealthier approach requiring less fighting.

The title is tipped to use the Project Shield console style controller and will support the multi-screen feature of console. Launch is expected to happen in Q2 of 2013 and the game may hit other mobile devices and computers as well, but for now it seems like Arma Tactics is a Project Shield exclusive. 

Project Shield is due to launch in the US and Canada by the middle of this year, although no price has been given.