Aliens vs Predator Evolution stalks iOS and Android

I’m a huge fan of both the Aliens and Predator movie franchise, although I’ve always preferred the latter universe, especially the old movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger in them.

Unsurprisingly, both franchises have spawned a number of video games over the years and a new title pitting the two killer alien races together is coming to iPhone and Android devices.

The new game – titled Alien vs Predator Evolution – is being developed by Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games. The game is set on a distant planet in the far future during the Civil War between Predator clans.

The premise of the game? Competing Predator clans have set the Xenomorphs loose to destroy their enemies. Players will be able to play either as a Predator or a Xenomorph, both of which have their own storyline and unique game play styles.

The goal for the Predator race is to destroy its enemies while the Xenomorphs are fighting to free their race. Predator Jungle Hunters will have to fight the Alien Queen to save its clan from annihilation. Alien vs Predator Evolution is powered by the Angry Mob Unity engine, which has driven a number of other titles with impressive results.

Players will gain experience points that are used to advance their character, allowing for the acquisition of new skills and abilities. The game does feature evolution as the main theme, meaning players will start off as an inexperienced version of their character. For instance starting as a Xenomorph will see players begin as a face hugger, evolving to a Chestburster, and then becoming an adult alien.