Will Whedon return to Firefly?

Joss Whedon’s going to be a busy guy. He’s working on the script for Avengers 2, which has an iron-clad release date of ay 1, 2015, the same year we’ll have another Star Wars film.

So speaking of great space saga, once again the topic of Firefly came up with the hopes that Whedon will one day return to its universe.

You can’t blame Whedon for being gun shy. Although it has a big following today, Firefly only lasted 14 episodes, and when Whedon tried to bring it back with the movie Serenity, it tanked at the box office. Like a relationship that goes bad, sometimes you just have to leave something alone, even if you love it, because the disappointment’s just too tough to take. 

But as Whedon told The Toronto Sun and Cinema Blend, he’s never come to grips with the fact that Firefly been long gone for over ten years now. “When I made Serenity, I said here’s one thing I’ll never do again – a movie based on something that some people know about and some people don’t, with tons of characters who all know each other and who you have to introduce. And then my second movie was The Avengers.”

Still in denial about the loss of Firefly, Whedon added, “I always, in the back of my head, think, ‘What if I could get the old gang back together…it’s something I would love to do.” He’s dreamed of the idea of tackling Firefly again after Avengers 2, and he also joked that after the sequel to the third biggest movie in history, “I suspect very strongly that the next thing I do will be a one man show. Possibly one monkey.”

So there you have it. Whedon just threw it out there, and we’re helping stoke the fires by writing about it ourselves. For those who can’t wait to get their browncoats dry cleaned for the return of Firefly (perhaps in animated form), definitely don’t hold your breath. But maybe Whedon’s wistful longing will actually bring it back again some day.