Video: Voice Over film can’t decide what it’s about

Sometimes short indie films are bizarre and make little sense to the masses.

Such is the case with the new short sci-fi clip dubbed Voice Over that’s been making the online rounds as of late. The film is narrated in French, so those of us who don’t speak the language will have to read the subtitles. Basically, the movie shows three different scenarios where the hero of the film is going to die.

The first of the three scenarios shows an astronaut running across the rocky and haggard landscape of what appears to be Mars. The setup for the scenario is that the astronaut’s spacecraft crashed and he has to make it to his capsule with only a few minutes ago before he runs out of oxygen. Along the way the astronaut faints and some sort of creature climbs into his spacesuit.

The second scenario is a World War II soldier who is working with his squad to lay explosives along a railroad track. While running the detonator wire back to set the explosives off, one of the squad mates steps on a landmine killing everyone and blowing off the hero’s legs. With only a few minutes to go before the hero bleeds to death, he has to crawl back to the detonator and set off the explosives to stop the train and save all of the captives aboard.

The third setting is a fisherman out on the ocean in a small boat that capsizes. As the boat slips beneath the waves, the fisherman gets his ankle caught in the rope and is being pulled to the bottom of the ocean.

As each of these scenarios plays out, right when you think you’re about to see the resolution the narrator says “no, that’s not it” and the next scenario starts. In the end, everyone makes it to their goal and it turns out that the short film was about your first kiss.

Strange? Yes, definitely an understatement.