The ultimate in Commander Shepard cosplay

If you’re a fan of the video game franchise Mass Effect, and happen to like hot cosplay outfits, well, this is your lucky day.

Considering that many gamers are guys, odds are a lot of people who played Mass Effect chose the male version of Commander Shepard.

However, one of the cool things about the franchise is that you can also choose to play as a female version of Commander Shepard – while the characters themselves offer a considerable amount of customization options. So if the idea of a female version of Commander Shepard has you enamored, you’ll probably enjoy these photos of a woman and her very own homemade Commander Shepard cosplay costume.

It’s clear from some of the blue flame special effects in the photos that this Commander Shepard is a biotic. You can also see the orange appendage on the arm that acted as Commander Shepard’s interface and a weapon in the game. The woman in these photographs? None other than one Crystal Graziano.

The suit of armor she wears is so realistic, it almost seems like an artistic rendering, but it’s not. The level of detail she pulled off in the armor is very impressive. She made the suit mostly out of foam and the chest piece was sculpted and cast using urethane rubber. She says that the bodysuit underneath the armor is custom printed Lycra from a design that she obtained from a render.

That’s all the tidbits offered on the creators DeviantArt profile. However, playing a sexy Commander Shepard isn’t the only cosplay Crystal has gotten up to. She has more impressive costumes that you can check out here.