Report: Sony PlayStation 4 may ditch DualShock gamepad design for biometric sensors

With the next-generation PlayStation game console expected to debut later this year, rumors about the engimatic system continue to build.

The latest? A report claiming the Sony PlayStation 4 will be lose the stalwart DualShock controller design we’re all so familiar with.

The source of the rumor is an unnamed studio source that claims to be working on a game for Sony. The source states that several designs have thus far been tossed around, with some of the designs closer to the existing controllers than others.

Interestingly, it seems as if the controller designs may boast a wide range of integrated technology, ranging from biometric sensors to LCD displays.

As you may recall, when it came to the PS3, Sony apparently felt compelled to include motion control technology at the last minute because Nintendo made such a splash with its motion control for the Wii. One can only hope that if Sony decides to merge an LCD touchscreen with the PlayStation 4 controller that the integration is executed just a tad better than Sony’s previous motion control tech.

Another source cited by MCVclaims PlayStation designers are trying to emulate technology seen in the PlayStation Vita. The controller seen above is actually a Sony concept dubbed “the boomerang” that never made it to market. 

We expect to see what Sony has in mind for the next generation PlayStation 4 towards the end of the year. That being said, recent rumors suggest Microsoft will beat Sony to market with the next-generation Xbox at E3 2013 – as the Japanese-based corporation probably won’t be ready to launch the PS4 until later this year due to an unspecified production issue.