Audi models showcase A4 Quattro experience

Audi designs some really sweet vehicles, running the gamut from premium people movers up to impressively fast sports cars.

Of course, automobiles isn’t all Audi creates, as the carmaker recently collaborated with Slot Mods USA to design what it dubbs the “Quattro Experience.”

Essentially, the quattro experience is an installation featuring remote controllable A4 replicas on a customized track. While this looks a lot like a slot car set, it appears that the cars are actually remote controlled, with the track equipped with magnets to help keep the cars in their lane. Interestingly, the models even features their own in-dash cameras so operators can view what the car “sees.”

Audi even went so far as to have an iPad app coded that allows an operator to steer – using the point of view feed and on-screen controls. It looks like Audi went all out with this installation, as it boasts  an Audi dealership, display cars, people, trees, and even a barn with its own silo. The track measures 20′ x 7′ and the cars that run on it are customized to mimic Audi’s famous all-wheel-drive mechanic.

The vehicles were apparently designed via a combination of 3D printing, a four-wheel-drive chassis, and an arrangement of traction magnets. I would assume without traction magnets the cars would be nearly impossible to control. We would love to spend some time racing on this cool track, even if it is only currently on display in Toronto.