Amazon AutoRip turns your CDs into MP3s

Amazon has introduced its AutoRip platform, a service that offers users free MP3 versions of CDs purchased from the Seattle-based company.

“When [someone] buys AutoRip CDs, the MP3 versions are automatically added to their Cloud Player libraries, where they are available, free of charge, for immediate playback or download – no more waiting for the CD to arrive,” an Amazon rep told TG Daily.

“[Plus, those] who have purchased AutoRip CDs at any time since Amazon first opened its Music Store in 1998 will find MP3 versions of those albums in their Cloud Player libraries – also automatically and for free.”

More than 50,000 albums, including titles from every major record label, are currently available for AutoRip, with more titles being added all the time.

As expected, the MP3s can be played instantly from any Kindle Fire, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPod touch, Samsung TVs, Roku, Sonos or web browser.

In addition, the service offers free storage and backup with all AutoRip MP3s stored in Cloud Player libraries – and the tracks do not count against Cloud Player storage limits. Plus, AutoRip music is provided in high-quality 256 Kbps MP3 audio.

AutoRip is the latest Amazon music feature to be rolled out by the Seattle-based corporation in recent months.

In June, Amazon launched its Cloud Player for iPhone and iPod touch, followed a few weeks later by new a scan and match platform that allows users to import music into a Cloud Player by scanning iTunes/Windows Media Player libraries and matching songs to Amazon’s extensive music catalogue.