Revolution trailer stops the flow

NBC has released a trailer for the second half of the first season of Revolution.

Revolution has been one of the surprise hits of the current television season. The show depicts the story of a group of survivors in the dystopian aftermath of the United States. The power is gone, and they seek to free the people of this broken land, while simultaneously solving the mystery of the blackout.

The main plot-line plays out a lot like a traditional fantasy. Some characters come and go, but mostly, the show centers around a group of four to five travelers who fulfill the traditional roles of an adventuring party. Each episode, they come across another challenge to their loyalty, their fortitude, their intellect, or their combat prowess. Our point of view character is Charlie, a young woman out to save her brother from the villainous ‘Militia’. As the group travels, they reveal bits of the mystery which surrounds them, and the audience learns more and more about each of them through a series of LOST-esque flashbacks, which focus on a different character each episode.

The show is now in its mid-season break, and won’t be back until March. To tease that eventual return, we have this promotional video which serves as a sort of recap as well as a preview of events to come:

I’m surprised that the power is coming back on so soon. I expected at least the first season to continue to be totally powerless, but I guess there is a lot about this show’s story that I didn’t expect. It’s unexpectedness is part of what makes it so good, and I’m clearly not the only one who likes it, as the fantasy drama’s ratings have stayed above 11 million – including DVR viewers – for every episode, with the mid-season finale taking in one of the highest audience shares of the season. Hopefully they can keep those viewers interested over the three month break. I’d hate to see the show get canned because of bad episode timing.

Revolution’sfirst season returns with episode 11 on NBC, March 15, 2013. If you missed the season so far, I highly recommend you find a place to catch up.