Arrow preview is a killer

The CW has posted a teaser trailer for the upcoming second half of the first season.

Arrow is in its mid-season break, and in an effort not to lose its core audience during the hiatus, they have been hyping the short spot below all over prime-time programming.

Arrow is the story of Oliver Queen, the same as the hero from the Green Arrow Comics, but this is a darker version of that hero. This Oliver has become more ruthless, and pulls no punches in his need for revenge. Unlike his comics counterpart, he has few reservations about killing his enemies.

The first season has set up the formula. Each episode we are shown some of Oliver’s story in the present, and he reacquaints himself with his city, and that story is combined with a related one that takes place on a not-so-deserted island, upon which he was shipwrecked for 5 years. The showrunners have revealed that the show has a five year plan, and that they plan for the final episode to bring the island story full-circle, as it culminates with his rescue, which we saw depicted in the first episode as well.

“As the second half unfolds we’ll get deeper into the mythology of the series,” co-creator and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg recently told Sci-fi Now. “both in the present day and in the island. We’ll discover why Edward Fyers is on the island and how Yao Fei plays into it, and Oliver’s real journey on the island this season from being the callow youth that we met in the pilot to being someone who can survive.

“After this year we’ll have no doubt that Oliver can survive for four more years – he’ll have to survive on the island. In the present day we’re going to see a lot more additions to Arrow’s rogues gallery – we’re going to be introducing Count Vertigo [played by Fringe’s Seth Gabel], a new villain of our own creation, named Silas Vanch, and we’re also going to be seeing some returning favourites from earlier in the season. Now that we’ve gotten the show up and running, we can have fun with the characters that we’ve already introduced.”

Season 1 of Arrow continues with episode 10, Burned, January 16, 2013 on The CW.