Firefly: A Celebration reads every line

The most comprehensive Firefly companion book is available now.

Firefly: A Celebration is everything Firefly. It contains all the content of previous Firefly books – Firefly: The Official Companion (volumes 1 and 2) and Firefly: Still Flying – and more.

The core of the book is the scripts. Every episode from the series’ short run is here, interspersed with production photographs and explanations of particular elements.

It’s all discussed, every important prop, guest star, location, costume, and canon element has an explanation directly from either Joss Whedon or one of his many crew members.

Surrounding the lines from the episodes, we learn about everything from the inspiration for River’s costume choices, to how Jewel Staite (Kaylee) felt about having to crawl through tiny vents for the shooting of the third episode, Bushwacked. There is a side-bar about the design of Simon’s surgical instruments, and another about the Chinese coins and bank notes used in the show. Every page of script is accompanied by at least one revelation of design or performance.

Following these info-packed scripts are four in-canon short-stories which continue the adventures of the Serenity Crew, written by some of the writers for the show. They don’t have nearly the charm that the show itself has, perhaps, but they are great to simply consume as a Firefly fan who can’t have had enough – and doesn’t want to resort to fan-fiction.

In between all of the scripts and stories is yet more great companion material: Character profiles, academic articles, reflections from the cast and crew, and so forth fill the pages between the core materials. All in all, 540 over-sized pages of great content sit inside the brown, faux-leather, gold-embossed hard-cover.

The whole book is high-quality full-color pages, and inside the back-cover an added special treat: a folder with 8×10, frame-able quality photographs of each principal cast member in-costume and a facsimile of one of the prop Chinese bank-notes.

At nearly six pounds, the book is a huge, beautiful way to look back on one of the most popular canceled-before-its-time sci-fi shows ever. It would make a great addition to the coffee table or sturdy bookshelf of any Firefly fan.

Firefly: A Celebration is available now from Titan Books.