A Star Trek wish comes true

You may have read our recent story about a terminally ill Star Trek fan who wanted to see Star Trek Into Darkness before he passes away.

The man’s wife put the word out, and JJ Abrams responded fast. Now word has come in that a special screening of the film five months early has already happened.

As Giant Freakin Robot and TrekMovie confirm, the screening was arranged for a man named Daniel, who is 41 years old and is unfortunately near the end of his life. The screening really came together quick, in fact, it happened at Bad Robot, Abrams’s company, on Sunday, December 30. Both Daniel and his wife of course can’t say anything about the movie, but it was clearly a wonderful event for them both.

As Dan’s wife said in a statement, “We enjoyed it IMMENSELY as a film and as a gesture…However, Daniel ‘hates’ being an ‘inspiring cancer story, his friends and loved ones would prefer for the update to have more of a heartfelt message of giving, especially during this season.”

With so many studios hating the internet, and so many people using the ‘net for non-stop bitching and complaining, Daniel’s wife wrote, “This is a story of us giving something to him, the ‘internet’ community giving something to him, and ultimately being a heartwarming gift to our friends, family and so many others.”

She also mentions, “It was truly amazing that a film-maker so secretive as JJ Abrams was kind enough to show this to us.”

While the film is nowhere near complete, and Abrams was worried Dan and his wife “wouldn’t 100% enjoy the screening as it’s being worked on,” she continued, “Be assured we enjoyed it 110%!”

So God bless JJ Abrams for doing the right thing, and giving Daniel a great day that took him away from his pain. As Rudie Obias wrote on Robot, “In the spirit of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, JJ Abrams acted very generously. This story really embraces what Star Trek is really about.”