Doctor Who collectibles have come to EXTERMINATE

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, we’ll find the announcement of lots of new products and properties to celebrate the milestone.

DVD collections, costumes, toys; the hype is boundless, and the lead-up to the 50th anniversary episode is going to consume the UK media machine more and more until it finally airs in the summer.

The latest new product is the Doctor Who Titans. These three-inch-tall Doctor Who figurines will be sold blind-boxed, and the first set consists of 16 different designs, 12 of which have been revealed (pictured below), while the remaining four are to be rare, and unrevealed until discovered by chance, what Titan calls ‘chase’ figures.

Each figure comes in several pieces and must be assembled to reach its full height. Most come with appropriate accessories for added detail and display. Collectibles like this often come in multiple series, so we should look for more Doctor Who figures to come out from Titan in the future, though perhaps not before the summer.

The set had been announced some time ago, and seems to feature imagery from Season 6, so I wouldn’t be surprised if two of the chase figures are Amy and Rory. If they sell well, we might see a new series of figures for each series of the show, and perhaps a series of classic figures, like past Doctors.

The figures can be purchased online in the UK from Forbidden Planet. They are supposed to also be available in the US geek-culture specialty shop, but haven’t shown up on the site yet. Of course, you could always just get them on Amazon.

The second half of season seven of Doctor Who will begin in April 2013, while filming of the 50th Anniversary special is slated to kick off in the spring so it can air after the end of the season.