Slender: The Arrival to haunt 2013

As a long time horror fan, I’ve always been fascinated by scary games like Silent Hill, Dead Island, and now the indie phenomenon Slender.

It’s a trip to see that video games have the potential to be as scary as horror films, and the buzz on Slender has been growing steadily all year.

Recently, Cinema Blend confirms that Parsec Studios, the company behind Slender, is going to follow up with Slender: The Arrival in early 2013. At this writing, there’s no official date, so “early 2013” is all we know so far, but there is a trailer for the game you can download that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

As Blend previously reported, the next Slender game could be a much more involved affair than the original, with more levels, better graphics, and a better storyline. As we previously reported on TG, like many great horror films, Slender leaves a lot up to the player’s imagination to deliver scares. 

Slender creator Mark Hadley told the University Observer, “I didn’t want to have the jump scares be the primary element of scaring the player; I feel that if you don’t have a good amount of suspense before the jump scare, it becomes worthless. Startling is not the same as scaring.” 

This game will also reportedly have another monster besides the Slender Man, and as the site MCVUK confirms, the writers of Marble Hornets have also joined the Slender team for the next game. Marble Hornets is a YouTube series based on the Slenderman games, with the series “widely regarded as the scariest Slenderman media ever created.”

As Hedley told MCVUK, “I’m thrilled to welcome The marble Hornets group to our development team. I’m confident that together we can produce a mind blowing horror experience in The Arrival.”

And indeed, with both the Slender Game and Marble Hornets getting high marks from fans for being really scary stuff, The Arrival could indeed take gaming to a whole new level of fear when it finally does arrive in early 2013.