Report: Spider-Man’s demise sparks death threats

We just reported on the shocking new development that Peter Parker is finally going to die in the 700th issue of Spider-Man.

In this issue, Parker’s mind will somehow live on in Doctor Octopus, who will change his ways and become a hero from here on out, carrying on Spider-Man’s legacy.


As we’ve mentioned previously, superhero deaths and resurrections are nothing new. Superman died and was reborn, and now Christopher Nolan set it up for someone new to go on in the Batsuit.

But this new development with Spider-Man has not been embraced by some comics fans, which isn’t a surprise. What is surprising is Marvel’s getting death threats over this. We know the geeks can be passionate, and be really stabbing with their remarks, but there are much better ways to express your displeasure.

As tells us, Marvel’s editor in chief Alex Alonso, has addressed this disturbing development.

“With all due respect, I don’t know if the internet is really the ultimate indicator of what fans desire, want or need,” Alonso said.

“You don’t predict your next president by only polling red states. Most of our most successful stories and initiatives have been met by internet cynicism. Our job is to create buzz and excitement, and then deliver a quality story to back it up.”

Alonso said the issue is “on track to sell more than 250,000 copies in print alone…We completely understand fans’ grief, rage, anger, angst and curiosity when you do something like this a day before Stan Lee’s birthday. This isn’t the first time a creator has received a death threat here at Marvel, and we take all threats of physical violence very seriously….This announcement was met with perhaps a little more vitriol than others. Perhaps that speaks to the passion people have for this character.”

If the fans don’t dig the new Spider-Man developments, eventually the results of the backlash will become evident, and changes will probably be made. Maybe they can make it all a dream, like Bobby dying on Dallas. 

You may also remember with a lot of blacklashes, it quickly brings about change. New Coke? The last Joel Schumacher Batman film? It’s good to say your opinion if you don’t like something, but please try refrain from threatening anybody’s life. If this really creates long-term damage to the Spider-Man franchise, changes will eventually come.