Back to the Future LEGO set hits 88 MPH

The 30th anniversary for Back to the Future is still several years away, but this year the fans have been showing the Amblin classic a lot of love.

There’s the limited edition Mattel hoverboard, which received the approval of BTTF screenwriter Bob Gale, and there’s also the dedicated team that’s restoring the original DeLorean, and now there’s even a Back to the Future Lego set in the works. 


Having a special Lego set is another sign that you’re in the geek pantheon, especially considering Lord of the Rings and Batman have gotten the Lego treatment as well. As Collider tells us, Lego broke the news via their Cuusoo site, where the fans create their own Lego models, and if the company likes them, they’ll pick them up and make them. But for the company to even consider it, you have to garner over 10,000 votes from fans.

As the site tells us, their review process is actually split into four stages: Brand Fit Analysis, Business Case Development, Model Design, then Final Review. As Tim Courtney, who works with Lego Cuusoo, said, the Back to the Future Lego “was actually one of the early projects that got picked up by the blogs, and really drove a lot of attention to what we were doing.” 

The set is so brand spanking new, there’s no date or prices for it yet. The final product is still in development in coordination with our license partner, Universal Partnerships & Licensing,” Lego states on their site, but they’re hoping to get the toys in stores in mid-2013. 

The builders of this wonderful Lego creation, who go under the moniker Team BTTF, quoted the film on the Lego Cuusoo site: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything,” and “Your future is whatever you make it.” As one of the builders on Team BTTF recalls, it was the first movie he ever saw, “and I’ve been in love with the series ever since.”