Vybe game pad is haptic driven

Gamers are always clamoring for more realism, typically in the form of more sophisticated graphics, optimized controls, better sound and even force feedback. 

Recently, a new accessory dubbed the “Vybe Gaming Pad” hit the ‘Net, courtesy of Comfort Research and Marvel Entertainment. The game pad – which is also Avengers-licensed – will work with video games, movies and music using what the company terms “dynamically changing tactile vibration sensations.”

Essentially, Vybe is capable of mapping any sound source into high fidelity vibro-tactile sensations that can be localized and or streamed across the entire person’s body. When used for gaming, the game pad allows users to feel explosions and gunfire from several locations or the rumbling of a road.

When the gaming pad is used for listening to music, the vibration sensations change with the beat of the song. As expected, the vibration feedback also allows movie watchers to feel explosions and gunshots.

“The Vybe Haptic Gaming Pad is truly a game changer that adds a whole new dimension of user experiences through tactile sensations,” said Marvel rep Danny Kim. “Our goal is to enhance and transform the way consumers experience their content, while introducing never-before-seen technology to the marketplace.”

The Vybe will work with any sound source including game consoles, TVs, computers, and mobile phones using a standard audio cable that is included with the device. The Vybe is slated to hit physical and virtual shelves for $99 this month.