Eliza Dushku brings back The Saint

We all know there are numerous genre shows that deserve a second chance.

So how about trying to bring back something that could be, should be, rediscovered by today’s generation? 

Some shows, like The Prisoner, will always be a cult phenomenon, Firefly is finally connecting with today’s fans, and The Saint may also be getting a much deserved comeback as well, with the help of Joss Whedon alumni Eliza Dushku. 

Before taking over the Bond throne, Roger Moore was best known for playing Simon Templar, The Saint, a British character who stole from bad guys, kept the loot, and got the baddies put away. (The show had a famous logo, with was a simple stick figure with a halo). The Saint ran from 1962 to 1969, and while it may not be a household name today, it’s certainly well remembered by the fans who grew up with it, and it gave Roger Moore a great set up to step into his Bond role.

There was a previous attempt to revive The Saint in 1997 as a Paramount feature starring Val Kilmer, which was a disaster. So now as Deadline and Hitfix tell us, a new attempt to resurrect The Saint is underway, with Eliza Dushku as Simon Templar’s on again, off again love interest. (As we often see with these British adventure characters, there’s precious little time for fidelity).

Adam Rayner will play Templar himself, and the pilot will be directed by Simon West, who gave us Con Air and the second Expandables movie. Funny enough, at one point West was also going to direct the big screen version of The Prisoner, which Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspets, Jack Reacher) was going to write, but it didn’t come together. 

Apparently, the next attempt to revive The Saint is considered a “backdoor pilot,” which means if The Saint is not picked up as a series, it can still be a stand alone TV movie. So can Dushku help bring The Saint back for today’s audiences?

Shooting began last week, and we’ll find out some time next year if The Saint can get another chance, and thankfully the movie didn’t stop anyone from wanting to give it another try.