Video: Tricked-out Japanese toilet controlled by Android

Japan has long been a favorite destination for those interested in seeing or buying bizarre gadgets. 

Some of the oddest gadgets I’ve ever seen in Japan? Tricked-out toilets equipped with all sorts of electronic accessories.

Often these add-ons have nothing to do with the actual act of using the toilet. Rather, many are simply overloaded with gadgets to keep you entertained while you take care of your business.

Recently, a new Japanese toilet that can be controlled via an Android smartphones has been making the rounds on the ‘Net. 

The toilet – dubbed Satis – is manufactured by a Japanese company based in Tokyo known as Lixil.

Essentially, the commode connects to the Android smartphone using Bluetooth and the app that runs on the smartphone is called My Satis.

Using the app, the user can control just about all functions of the toilet including flushing, raising the toilet seat, and activating, yes, a bidet jet stream. The toilet even has speakers – allowing the user to stream music right out of the throne. Oh, and let us not forget that the app allows users to monitor just how much electricity and water they are using with each flush.

As expected, the smart toilet is very far from cheap with three models set to launch in February 2013. Pricing for the fancy toilets will range from $2,385-$4,657. Unfortunately, it’s unclear  what the differences are between various the models at this point, but one can only imagine.