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Tron 3 hits the neon afterburners

The classic franchise that spans three decades is still going strong.

The good news recently broke that there is indeed a third Tron movie in the works at Disney, and it’s great to see the original video game movie getting its due in modern times.


We just reported on this exciting new development, and we also just ran a story that confirms Garrett Hedlund, Sam Flynn of Tron Legacy, will be back for the next installment as well.

While both Tron movies were considered disappointments at the box office, there’s certainly enough good will from the fans for another Tron film, and Disney clearly knows the franchise has a strong cult following that should be back for part 3.

As Collider tells us, director Joseph Kosinski will be returning to the helm, and also hopefully Daft Punk will provide the music again. Kosinski is also the director of Oblivion, the upcoming sci-fi flick with Tom Cruise, which is due for release next April. 

As Kosinski told Collider, “We’ve been talking about it for a couple years and there’s always been this idea, a big idea, in the back of my head that we’ve been talking about.” He also referenced one of the greatest genre films ever, Empire Strikes Back, and how the next Tron needs to be the Empire of the series. 

“I’ve said it would have to be our Empire Strikes Back for me to come back and pull the whole team back together,” Kosinski continued. “We do have the idea that feels big and really blows the doors off this franchise.”

The plan, as with many genre films these days, is to set the story up as a trilogy, but Kosinski also said the script has a a ways to go, and there’s already another scribe, Jesse Wigutow, doing a rewrite. 

Doing something on the level of Empire is definitely a lofty goal, and it would be pretty cool indeed if the next Tron can really take the franchise to a whole new level. The Tron fans will certainly be there for it , and there should be plenty more soldiers in the Tron army by the time the third episode is ready in the near future.