eSfere console wants to take on the Ouya

We all know about the open-source Ouya Android-powered game console which raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter. Essentially, the upcoming system promises to bring Android games to the big screen in your living room. Unsuprisingly, a similar device dubbed “eSfere” has been making the rounds as of late.

One key difference between the two game consoles? While Ouya is seeking developers to code titles specifically for its console hardware, eSfere is more than happy  to offer gamers access to existing content currently available on Google Play. Basically, the eSfere game console allows user to play touch-oriented games by offering up a touchscreen controller that mimics a smartphone or tablet display.

Meaning, Android tablet and smartphone games will work perfectly well from across the room while you are sitting on the couch. The device also supports media viewing, web surfing and videoconferencing.

eSfere, like the Ouya console, is seeking funding directly from interested consumers. The eSfere project is currently on IndieGoGo with a stated goal of $390,000. So far it has raised only $1,424 with some 39 days to go. The first 2500 people can get in on the earlybird deal, which means a console and controller for $99. After the early bird specials are over, the console be priced at $125.

The hardware inside the little round console includes an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, 2 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal flash storage. The device also boasts two USB ports, integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity and HDMI output.