$31,283 for Sharp’s 60-inch 4K TV

Sharp has debuted a 60-inch 4K TV priced at a cool $31,283.

The 60-inch ICC Purios, which boasts a definition considerably higher than conventional HD TVs (3,840 × 2,160), is slated to hit the streets of Japan on February 20. Understandably, the company has yet to decide if it will ship the pricey Purios overseas.

Indeed, as the Wall Street Journal notes, Sharp’s new 4K TV debuts at a difficult time for the industry heavyweight, which is struggling to overcome a cash crunch and continued losses.

Moreover, the TV market is a hyper-competitive one, and Sharp obviously isn’t the sole manufacturer of television sets with 4K displays that boast four times the resolution of full HD screens.

To be sure, Sony is currently touting its 84-inch TV with a 4K LCD display for $25,000 while Toshiba is selling a $9,000 55-inch 4K set and plans on launching a 94-inch model in 2013.

According to Sharp, its 4K TV is priced high above the competition because it “offers images that are so realistic viewers feel as if they [are] experiencing the scene in real life.”