Video: Homebrew channel takes on the Nintendo Wii U

A well-known homebrew channel has been updated to work with Nintendo’s recently launched Wii U console.

A group member going by the name dhewg made the official announcement via HackMii, noting that the homebrew channel works just as it did before on the Wii U.

 “We have a new release with a new version of The Homebrew Channel; this will install on both Wii consoles, and inside the virtual Wii sandbox inside the Wii U. The currently used IOS exploit is courtesy of tueidj,”  wrote Dhewg.

“Please note that this is not running in full Wii U mode; running this on a Wii U will probably work just like on a Wii. Also, due to technical limitations of the virtual Wii mode, BootMii will not work on a Wii U. If we are able to resolve this, we will make a new release with BootMii support.”

Dhewg also noted that the hacker collective might shift its focus to fully hacking the Nintendo Wii U using the homebrew channel as a starting point.

“We can all try to hack the Wii U together from inside Wii model!” he added.