HDHomeRun Prime streams live TV to DLNA devices

A company known as Silicondust has announced what it claims to be the first DLNA Certified live TV digital media server on the market.

Essentially, the device is designed to stream live premium cable TV to both DLNA and UPnP Certified devices.  

“HDHomeRun Project:Connect targets live TV access on every screen in the home,” said Silicondust CEO Theodore Head. “Our interoperability roadmap includes leading smart TV’s, network connected media devices, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.”

The company says it is ready for the phase 1 release of its product later this month via its own website, with an imminent update that allows the device to browse channel lists and stream live TV on MPEG2 compatible digital media players and digital media renderer devices. Protected channels are also supported on DTCP-IP capable devices, including the Sony PS3.

The company is expected to kick off phase 2 of its project at CES. What exactly that second phase of the project will bring remains unknown. In any event, this little device should prove very popular with consumers who have been itching to shoot live TV programming to different rooms of their home where a cable box may not be available.