Portal 2 USB Sentry turret defends its sector

It’s probably safe to say that most fans of the video game franchise will probably like the new Portal toy  ThinkGeek has introduced just in time for holiday shopping. Yes, for $39.99 you can have your very own USB powered Portal 2 Sentry turret.

The toy – officially titled the “Portal 2 Sentry Turret USB Desk Defender” – connects to your computer via an included USB cable. The turret sits on your desk and monitors motion, opening its menacing side ports to reveal mini machine guns.

The turret is also equipped with limited audio capabilities, repeating phrases like “target acquired,” “there you are,” “I see you,” “preparing to dispense product,” or “activated.”

If you move the turret or turn it on its side, it vibrates and offers up a number of “error” messages, such as “critical error,” “shutting down,” “malfunctioning”, “I don’t hate you” or “hey, hey, hey.” And after 30 seconds without movement, the turret will ask: “Are you still there?”

The sentry turrent USB desk defender measures 7.5-inches tall and is an officially licensed Portal 2 collectible. It certainly isn’t the first Portal 2 turret replica we’ve seen, but it probably is one of the cheapest.