Retro gaming with Raspberry Pi uber-mini arcade cabinet

The slick Raspberry Pi developer board certainly isn’t the most powerful computer on the market. In fact, it’s downright underpowered when it comes to traditional gaming.

However, the Raspberry Pi is more than capable of securing retro gaming fixes with software like the MAME video game emulator.

We’ve seen projects in the past that took the Raspberry Pi and crammed it inside a small arcade cabinet to meet your retro gaming needs via a project known as Picade.

If you like the idea of that cabinet, but have even less space to work with, you will probably love this cool project from SpritMods. These modders took the Pi and crammed it inside a teeny tiny clear custom-made arcade cabinet.

After cramming the hardware inside that little arcade cabinet, they loaded up MAME, making this one of the smallest arcade cabinets we’ve ever seen. Indeed, video for the tiny arcade cabinet is displayed on a teeny, tiny 128 x 32 pixel OLED display. Oh, and yes, the little system also handles video playback, that is if you get tired of gaming and can stand watching movies or shows on such a tiny screen.

The console is equipped with a tiny toggle switch as a joystick and four buttons for controls. It appears that the system is powered by an external power adapter rather than being portable like the Nintendo DS or smartphone. Check out the video above to see the tiny micro arcade cabinet in action.