Video: Halo Spartan Ops episode 4 goes live

Fans of Halo 4 eagerly await a new piece of DLC content each week.

And why not? Since Halo 4 launched, a total of three Spartan Ops DLC have rolled out of 343 Industries. Today, the fourth (of five) Spartan Ops episode is live. If you want to know what the latest mission is like, an episode 4 trailer has surfaced along with the DLC and can be seen below.

For the uninitiated, Microsoft is offering 10-15 minute long Spartan Ops missions as downloadable content. All missions are included in the retail price of the game, so you don’t have to fork over more cash to play the new content.

Interestingly, the Spartan Ops missions are not focused on Master Chief, but rather, on two other Spartan squads known as Crimson and Majestic.

We’ve known for a while that the first season of the Spartan Ops DLC will include 10 episodes and 50 separate missions. These trailers are live-action and appear to be cobbled together from some of the cut scenes that go with the missions.

It’s also worth reminding fans of Halo 4 that the extended version of Forward Unto Dawn (FUD), the live-action web series, is set for a DVD and Blu-ray launch on December 4. The extended version of the live-action series was also previously tipped to be coming to Pay-Per-View, which will likely be available when  FUD launches on Blu-ray and DVD.

The official Spartan Ops episode 4 description reads, “An unknown intelligence contacts Doctor Halsey, Thorne tries to understand the history of the Spartan Program, and the Sangheili terrorist known as ‘The Didact’s Hand’ appears on Requiem… but what is he searching for? Spartans, prepare for things to get rough on Requiem.”