Projecteo shines your Instagram pics on the wall

Do you take a lot of pictures with Instagram? Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could view those pictures in a larger format? Well, a new project dubbed “Projecteo” recently hit Kickstarter and is probably worth a look. Basically, as the name implies, Projecteo is a tiny projector that displays Instagram photos on the wall and other surfaces.

Yes, the photos do have to be transferred to 35mm film, while a custom-made disk is required to hold the photos. However, that custom-made disk is part of the purchase price of the Projecteo. You can choose the photographs you want to have placed on the 35mm slide film using an app.

The film is developed here in the US and a round disc that holds nine different photos it shipped to you. That disc is been snapped into the tiny little Projecteo projector, and the single LED shines the photos on your wall or other surface. Since 35mm slides don’t have pixels, the images can be viewed in the same quality they were taken in.

The little projector features an adjustable focus by twisting the lens barrel, and power comes from what appears to be three watch batteries. Projecteo can be used with any number of 35mm slide discs that you order. It’s unclear exactly how much additional discs will cost. The tiny little projector, roughly the size of a matchbox,  is designed to be easily taken apart for servicing or modding.

If you like the idea of the Projecteo, you can choose to back the project on Kickstarter. The developer is looking for $18,000 and has raised almost $7,000 thus far. The project has an additional 33 days to go, so the initiative will likely meet its goal. There are 65 Projecteo projectors left for a $20 pledge, which includes one disc of photos. After that number is sold out, the device will sell for $25.

There are also some special-edition projectors being offered only on Kickstarter, including one that looks like a Rollei P35 slide projector. You can even get your own custom colored projector for $350 or a gold-plated projector for $500.