Android update makes it easier to watch YouTube videos on TV

Google has introduced  a sweet new YouTube feature that owners of Android smartphones and tablets will undoubtedly appreciate. Yes, the new capability arrived in the form of an update for the YouTube app on Android and Google TV that automatically pairs the devices via WiFi.

Basically, once the devices are paired, users can search for a video on their Android smartphone or tablet and press the TV icon on the app. Once the icon is pressed, the video launches on a TV using the Google TV set-top box.

Pairing is handled automatically via the update, while the set-top box recognizes all Android devices signed in on the same WiFi network. The app also allows owners to use their Android tablet or smartphone as a remote control for the YouTube video playing on the TV.

As such, viewers can pause, scroll, or skip to the next video using their mobile device. While a chosen video plays via the Google TV, the user can also browse around the web on a phone or tablet and find the next video for their playlist.  

Multiple Android devices can be paired to the Google TV device simultaneously, allowing a number of users to add videos to the playlist. It should probably also be noted that Google TV users recently received an update which brought Google Play movie and TV show rentals to Mountain View’s set-top boxes.