The undead strife of the DayZ Bounty mod

We’ve covered the ARMA II DayZ mod numerous times over the past few weeks and remain excited about the upcoming stand-alone game from Dean Hall and Bohemia. 

Interestingly, a mod for DayZ known as “Bounty” has been accused of undermining the original vision of DayZ by developers of the original game. As noted above, DayZ was originally a mod for ARMA II, while DayZ Bounty was apparently going to be a third-party mod for the standalone version of DayZ.

DayZ Bounty is a mod that would allow players to cash in via PayPal for scoring kills in the zombie-themed shooter. To collect, the players have to buy into the mod server – making it a bit like gambling.

As such, Bohemia and DayZ creator Dean Hall are  calling for the developers of the Bounty mod to stop development, claming the monetization angle undermines the original vision of the game. To be sure, the Bounty mod charges players between $5 and $20 to play giving players the chance to earn money back for killing zombies.

“The DayZ development team and Bohemia Interactive is not involved or has had any contact with DayZ Bounty and it’s creators. While we fully support modifications created by the community to improve the gaming experience for players of DayZ and ArmA II, we do not support their creators putting a cost on them,” Bohemia confirmed in an official statement. 

“As commercially exploiting their small additions to DayZ undermines the work done by the original team. We will be contacting the owners of the DayZ Bounty website directly over the coming days, to ask that they cease their activities in their current form.”