PlayStation: The Official Magazine goes under

If you’re a fan of the Sony PlayStation game consoles, you may have (had) a subscription to PlayStation: The Official Magazine (PSM).

The magazine is owned by a large publishing company called Future US, which has apparently decided to officially discontinue the stalwart magazine – with the final issue hitting news stands in time for the holiday season.  

Yes, by the end of the year, the magazine will no longer be published, much like Nintendo Power which was axed back in August.

Clearly, print publications are feeling the full force of the poor global economy and reduced advertising spending, as most magazines are more dependent on advertisements than subscription fees. To make matters worse, much of the advertising money has moved to the Internet over the last several years.

PSM first launched with the September 1997 issue, which featured Final Fantasy VII for the PlayStation on the cover. The magazine was well known for sponsoring side content such as cover-mounted DVDs, websites, online forums and even a PSM podcast.